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Anime has been either boring or fail lately. I have found some pretty awesome mangas to read while I wait for the Summer season to roll on over.

So now I’ll share them~ Manga time? :’D 

Saving my new favorite for last~


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Aha~ It had to have been of Higurashi after some point. Because yes, there still is that undying flame of fan girl love in me for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Me and my horror-mystery-tragedy-gore shows. But no… the best part of this anime for me? The last episode. In the first season.


Because this episode is where everything falls in place, where I find my OTP in Higurashi respectively canon, and where the Rena Ryuugu, my favorite character and the antagonist of the arc it ends on (it just happens to her her arc~!), loses it. Completely.

After being mentally messed up for the episodes before, she realizes that she has ruined everyone’s lives.

And this is where I get super hanyan because I managed to find a vector for one of the saddest fight scenes of all time~

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Well life got in the way yesterday and I had to clean the house and stuff~

So Weekly Feature is a day late~ But it’s super special today because not only is it about a love for a certain thing in general, but it’s about a love for a whole bunch of things tied together because of one person~!

That is… Arina Tanemura! ❤

They’re all pretty but I love my Ushio the most~~~

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Weekly feature # 1 is dedicated to defending the most Moe of them all~! {She really does deserve to win SaiMoe~ >3> }

I classify Ranka as the following: super cute, moe, innocent, kira-kira, optimistic, and musical.


Most of the Macross Frontier fandom classifies Ranka as the following: annoying, immature, not worthy of Alto, and not nearly as awesome as Sheryl.


So why exactly? I think I’ve found my answer.


Beware of cute Ranka image spam~

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