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Hahaha~ It feels so good to say I have less than four more weeks of school! :’3


I’ve been really busy lately. Some stuff has come up. I won’t be able to reply to the comments from the past couple of posts so really sorry on that one. >.<//

But from now on I’m trying to get away from being so lazy and I’ve been putting more effort into… well… pretty much everything lately.


Would it be safe to call this the “Final Stretch”?

Wooohoo~ So excited for Summer now. :’D


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I wasn’t exactly going to do blog themes for seasons at first. I was actually going to start it with a Ranka Lee banner. Then I thought “Oh, Sakura instead!”

But since I’ve been into Kobato lately, and it’s probably the most beautiful art I’ve seen, I decided for a Kobato themed Spring blog.



It makes sense, right?




But when did it change to CLAMP girls?

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