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Finally blogging Shugo Chara manga… finally blogging Shugo Chara manga…


Other than Skip Beat, Shugo Chara is my favorite manga. Yes. Oh yes~

What. A. Turn. Of. Events.

Plus… I’m pretty happy to say that because the manga is better, I’m going to have a whole lot more to say about it than the anime.

Credit to Futari wa Pretty Anon for the scans~ ❤

So here… we… go…

WOW. -is still getting over the shock factor of this

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Well life got in the way yesterday and I had to clean the house and stuff~

So Weekly Feature is a day late~ But it’s super special today because not only is it about a love for a certain thing in general, but it’s about a love for a whole bunch of things tied together because of one person~!

That is… Arina Tanemura! ❤

They’re all pretty but I love my Ushio the most~~~

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Just when I thought we were getting somewhere… welcome back Lulu and her ?-Egg Filler Parade?

-sigh- =____=;


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Weekly feature # 1 is dedicated to defending the most Moe of them all~! {She really does deserve to win SaiMoe~ >3> }

I classify Ranka as the following: super cute, moe, innocent, kira-kira, optimistic, and musical.


Most of the Macross Frontier fandom classifies Ranka as the following: annoying, immature, not worthy of Alto, and not nearly as awesome as Sheryl.


So why exactly? I think I’ve found my answer.


Beware of cute Ranka image spam~

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