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Hanyan is Moving~

Where in the world has Lea been for the past week? Working hard and long on a new site. That’s what.


Well. I’m leaving wordpress behind permanently for Kokidokom, where I was invited on Tuesday. :’D

My new blog will be here~


If I am on your blogroll now, please kindly change the link. ^_^ And that’s all~


I am going to go ahead and say thank you to 7 and Fuyu. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be on Kokidokom now. But I guess it just kind of… happened. I’m glad.


That’s all~! Final post on here. For the short time (about two months, I think) I was on here, wordpress started to act up. Not posting my comments, flagging me for things, malfunctioning…

I guess that’s wordpress though. It’d be a nice quality site if it wasn’t for all of the issues it has. But this is going to work out for me now. So see you all on Kokidokom. And that’s all for now. =D


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