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Are you kidding me?


There is no way I’m not blogging this manga. Oh, and if you were wondering… *points to the boyfriend’s card*

Yep. Do you see where I’m coming at? Ohoho~

I’m obsessed. I can’t help it.


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It’s true. This picture pretty much sums up the episode.





I’m actually happy there was an episode like this. Because it’s secretly saying, “Tadase and Ikuto are soon going to be friends like these two are~!”

And that is what makes me all happy.

Wow… Satelight improved a bit…?

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Hello plot~

There you are. ILU.

You’ll be gone after next week but every episode Lulu is not in, I will be completely fine~! Continue on!

This week, Death Rebel transformation creeps me out. o.o;;

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Well life got in the way yesterday and I had to clean the house and stuff~

So Weekly Feature is a day late~ But it’s super special today because not only is it about a love for a certain thing in general, but it’s about a love for a whole bunch of things tied together because of one person~!

That is… Arina Tanemura! ❤

They’re all pretty but I love my Ushio the most~~~

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