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Anime has been either boring or fail lately. I have found some pretty awesome mangas to read while I wait for the Summer season to roll on over.

So now I’ll share them~ Manga time? :’D 

Saving my new favorite for last~


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If you were ever wondering… probably the very thing I fan-girl over the most.


My only question is…


Were you able to feel the time passage…?

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Yes! I’m so relieved I got to blog this finally. When I started my blog, I did this huge episode one post for it… and then my computer froze.

And I went back because maybe it was saved as a draft… but it was gone. =////=;


I am slowly starting to love this show more and more. Just enough action, just enough LULZ, just enough drama, and just enough “awwwwww” moments.

Oh, and moe Riannon too. ❤

LOL at Arawn’s harem…

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K-On! – Episode 2














Can you say “Moe” one more time?

K-On = For the LULZ. This show is complete WTF randomness. XD But I love it~~




Motto motto Moe~!

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