Just when one thing ends another thing starts


Hiatus is over.


But now I’m sick.


Everything hurts right now~


Weekend Hiatus…?


Lea is feeling Taiga tsun-tsun right now. =<


Because I have no time (too much homework) this will be short~

Weekend hiatus. Yes. I have to be present for my little sister’s birthday party, and the next day, I will be going to a birthday party for my friend.

So all blogging will be put on hold.
Actually… all blogging will be skipped this week because I’m afraid I don’t have the time to make it up eventually.


Blogging is fun~ Being busy is not. But… too much homework. So bye until next Wednesday for updates.



Oh~ That time of year again?

Yes. The slowest, most boring drawn out time of the school year where I feel extra tsun-tsun because of testing. Takes up too much time and stresses everyone. And I feel sorry for those who have to AP test. I’m only a year or two away from that.

I guess being in middle school must be easier than High School. But you tell me. All I know is that in a year from now, during my first year of high school, I’ll be sharing the pain instead of wondering… how much more can testing annoy me?

If time was money right now, I’d be broke. :/


If you were ever wondering… probably the very thing I fan-girl over the most.


My only question is…


Were you able to feel the time passage…?


Finally blogging Shugo Chara manga… finally blogging Shugo Chara manga…


Other than Skip Beat, Shugo Chara is my favorite manga. Yes. Oh yes~

What. A. Turn. Of. Events.

Plus… I’m pretty happy to say that because the manga is better, I’m going to have a whole lot more to say about it than the anime.

Credit to Futari wa Pretty Anon for the scans~ ❤

So here… we… go…

WOW. -is still getting over the shock factor of this


It’s true. This picture pretty much sums up the episode.





I’m actually happy there was an episode like this. Because it’s secretly saying, “Tadase and Ikuto are soon going to be friends like these two are~!”

And that is what makes me all happy.

Wow… Satelight improved a bit…?


Wow. Yeah.

K-On again? Okay so… I kind of went overboard with negative-ness over K-On last week. It’s true… the fandom kind of bugs me already… but….

Something about the newest episode made me like Mio… a whole lot more. I’m not sure why. I think it had to do with the scene where Mio and Mugi were alone in the garage… and something kind of made me go “Ah… Mio. Why exactly did I dislike her in the first place?”


Agghhhh… why am I so fickle with this show?