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Hanyan is Moving~

Where in the world has Lea been for the past week? Working hard and long on a new site. That’s what.


Well. I’m leaving wordpress behind permanently for Kokidokom, where I was invited on Tuesday. :’D

My new blog will be here~


If I am on your blogroll now, please kindly change the link. ^_^ And that’s all~


I am going to go ahead and say thank you to 7 and Fuyu. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be on Kokidokom now. But I guess it just kind of… happened. I’m glad.


That’s all~! Final post on here. For the short time (about two months, I think) I was on here, wordpress started to act up. Not posting my comments, flagging me for things, malfunctioning…

I guess that’s wordpress though. It’d be a nice quality site if it wasn’t for all of the issues it has. But this is going to work out for me now. So see you all on Kokidokom. And that’s all for now. =D


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Hahaha~ It feels so good to say I have less than four more weeks of school! :’3


I’ve been really busy lately. Some stuff has come up. I won’t be able to reply to the comments from the past couple of posts so really sorry on that one. >.<//

But from now on I’m trying to get away from being so lazy and I’ve been putting more effort into… well… pretty much everything lately.


Would it be safe to call this the “Final Stretch”?

Wooohoo~ So excited for Summer now. :’D

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Just when one thing ends another thing starts


Hiatus is over.


But now I’m sick.


Everything hurts right now~

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Weekend Hiatus…?


Lea is feeling Taiga tsun-tsun right now. =<


Because I have no time (too much homework) this will be short~

Weekend hiatus. Yes. I have to be present for my little sister’s birthday party, and the next day, I will be going to a birthday party for my friend.

So all blogging will be put on hold.
Actually… all blogging will be skipped this week because I’m afraid I don’t have the time to make it up eventually.


Blogging is fun~ Being busy is not. But… too much homework. So bye until next Wednesday for updates.


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Oh~ That time of year again?

Yes. The slowest, most boring drawn out time of the school year where I feel extra tsun-tsun because of testing. Takes up too much time and stresses everyone. And I feel sorry for those who have to AP test. I’m only a year or two away from that.

I guess being in middle school must be easier than High School. But you tell me. All I know is that in a year from now, during my first year of high school, I’ll be sharing the pain instead of wondering… how much more can testing annoy me?

If time was money right now, I’d be broke. :/

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Wow. Yeah.

K-On again? Okay so… I kind of went overboard with negative-ness over K-On last week. It’s true… the fandom kind of bugs me already… but….

Something about the newest episode made me like Mio… a whole lot more. I’m not sure why. I think it had to do with the scene where Mio and Mugi were alone in the garage… and something kind of made me go “Ah… Mio. Why exactly did I dislike her in the first place?”


Agghhhh… why am I so fickle with this show?

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Short updates~

I will be blogging the last couple of OVA’s for Higurashi Rei over the Summer now. So yay for more blogging and for Higurashi. ❤


As for blogging this weekend, I am currently catching up on Saki, and blogging for Tears to Tiara and Saki both will start shortly. Shugo Chara post will be up early morning… possibly. If I feel like staying up that late.

And~~ That’s all.


Next up will be SC. But ah~ -gets all excited to blog Tears to Tiara-

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