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Wow. Yeah.

K-On again? Okay so… I kind of went overboard with negative-ness over K-On last week. It’s true… the fandom kind of bugs me already… but….

Something about the newest episode made me like Mio… a whole lot more. I’m not sure why. I think it had to do with the scene where Mio and Mugi were alone in the garage… and something kind of made me go “Ah… Mio. Why exactly did I dislike her in the first place?”


Agghhhh… why am I so fickle with this show?


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Yes! I’m so relieved I got to blog this finally. When I started my blog, I did this huge episode one post for it… and then my computer froze.

And I went back because maybe it was saved as a draft… but it was gone. =////=;


I am slowly starting to love this show more and more. Just enough action, just enough LULZ, just enough drama, and just enough “awwwwww” moments.

Oh, and moe Riannon too. ❤

LOL at Arawn’s harem…

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Yeah. This episode was… okay? I’m not sure. I really have no good opinion on it because um… yeah. Something happened that I really really didn’t want. Satelight is at fault.

And I don’t know how they’re going to get out of this one. -sigh-

Feeling kind of meh about it all~ =<

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Short updates~

I will be blogging the last couple of OVA’s for Higurashi Rei over the Summer now. So yay for more blogging and for Higurashi. ❤


As for blogging this weekend, I am currently catching up on Saki, and blogging for Tears to Tiara and Saki both will start shortly. Shugo Chara post will be up early morning… possibly. If I feel like staying up that late.

And~~ That’s all.


Next up will be SC. But ah~ -gets all excited to blog Tears to Tiara-

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Aha~ It had to have been of Higurashi after some point. Because yes, there still is that undying flame of fan girl love in me for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Me and my horror-mystery-tragedy-gore shows. But no… the best part of this anime for me? The last episode. In the first season.


Because this episode is where everything falls in place, where I find my OTP in Higurashi respectively canon, and where the Rena Ryuugu, my favorite character and the antagonist of the arc it ends on (it just happens to her her arc~!), loses it. Completely.

After being mentally messed up for the episodes before, she realizes that she has ruined everyone’s lives.

And this is where I get super hanyan because I managed to find a vector for one of the saddest fight scenes of all time~

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Okay. So um…. I was kind of wishing this day wouldn’t come where I made this choice but…


K-On = Officially dropped.

Oh, you Mio-obsessed people you~

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Hello plot~

There you are. ILU.

You’ll be gone after next week but every episode Lulu is not in, I will be completely fine~! Continue on!

This week, Death Rebel transformation creeps me out. o.o;;

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